Web Development



    Working under Dr. Sikun Lan and using HTML/CSS, Firebase API, RealTime DB/Storage, and Javascript I developed a commerical web application called StudentCount. The app helps online teachers keep track of students and students find their teachers, coming with a "certificate" feature that allows students to officially claim that they are the "nth" student of a given teacher. I also designed the website and created custom graphics with Illustrator.



    I co-founded a non-profit organization called InstaTutors. I developed the web application from scratch, using HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap and Firebase RDB, storage, and API. I designed the database structure and wrote security rules, and created the tutee and tutor interfaces. Users can create requests, match with tutors, ask questions, invite friends, and more.

    I designed, coded and deployed the organization website for Spectrum @Cal, the Autism Awareness Student Organization at UC Berkeley. Utilized HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, and created custom SVG & CSS Animations and Illustrator graphics.

    Silicon Valley Youth


    I redesigned and deployed the Silicon Valley Youth website, adding a filter function for classes, parallax page scrolling, jQuery animation, full page navigation, a payment system and more. Overall, the site became much easier to navigate, more aesthetically pleasing, and more professional.

    I recreated the classic game of Minesweeper using ReactJS. I also wrote a solver algorithm that has 100% success rate (on 10,000 test iterations, 10x10 with 10 mines).

    I developed a website for a local daycare called Mi Escuelita Cupertino. I focused on implementing simple navigation, using bright and vibrant color schemes, and used images and SVG graphics to enhance the site's visual appeal.

    I developed a total of 5 Electrostatics simulations for my Physics C: E&M class, using jQuery, Javascript, Math.js and dynamic CSS. They are currently being used for the Electrostatics lab.

    For a Slack coding challenge, I created an emoji-paint app using ReactJS, that allows users to "paint" on a grid using emojis. Users can switch the current emoji, erase their work, and copy it to the clipboard.



    I created a website for a hackathon called MVHacks, which was the first hackathon hosted at Monta Vista High School.



    I built the website for a local hackathon called OmniHacks, implementing CSS layering & some parallax effects.

    Silicon Valley Forensics


    I developed the organization page for Silicon Valley Forensics, an organization focused on improving debate education in the Bay Area. I created a custom logo and designed custom vector graphics for the site, and built the site using HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery and Adobe Illustrator.



    I designed the webpage and logo for MatadorHacks, the first high school hackathon hosted at Monta Vista High School. I implemented advanced parallax scrolling with jQuery, as well as the Google Maps API.

    HSHacks IV


    I helped to build the landing page for HSHacks, the largest student-run high school hackathon in the United States. I created the basic structure, as well as the header and site navigation, using jQuery, HTML, CSS and particles.js. I also used Firebase to create the live site, which allows users to ask questions & get live updates.